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First I must solicite your confidence in this trasaction that involves huge amount of money.
I know business of such magnitude will make one worrisome but I assure you that everything will end up well at the end of the day.Before I proccede let me explain my self tou properly.

I am MRS ANGELA KUASSI a Sierra-Leonean by nationality, from the incident that happen to my City (Mend) near the Capital city Freetown. I am 35 years old, fair in complexion, language English and Christian by religion. I am seeking for a person who will take care of me also who will arrange investment in any profitable business venture and to enter into joint partnership with me.

I am the first daughter of Dr.BEDIE KUASSI,my father was the former Chairman of Sierra Leone Gold Diamond co-operation. He was assassinated by soldiers during the civil war in my country. Now, the West Africa Peace Making Forces (ECOWAS) were in control of my village (Mend Town) as I was searching our house, I saw an "A LODGMENT RECEIPT" into my father's room made between him and one bank in IVORY COAST , during the time he deposited ($40,900,000.00) FOURTY MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND United States Dollars in a Suspense Coded Account in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Dear, your able assistance is to provide a bank account overseas, where this fund would be transferred to for onward,business investment because it is not advisable for me and to process this transaction alone due to ingonrance of world business.Please, I am ready to give whatever you might need for assisting us to provide a valuable account in your country and secured my life and the money. You are advised to handle this transaction with care for me. Please be a God fearing person, Immediately I receive your reply, I will send you more information that will lead to the successful transfer of this fund into your designated bank account.Please I hope that Almighty God will take control.

ATTN : Right now, all my late fathers properties were confiscated by his family members. Furthermore, bear in mind that this fund is my last hope of survival. And now, I have located the bank and make important verification about the money, right now the bank is waiting for our late father's business partner in overseas to transfer this money into his account as I told them that I am waiting for you .

I have agreed to offer you 30% of the whole amount to cover the expenses you may incure on the process of this transaction .

Please make every possibility to reply back to indicate your willingness to help me.Looking forward to read from you soon.Please for effective communication I want you to reply this mail this yahoo email address (angk_y27@yahoo.fr)

Yours faithfully,

Opgelet, ze zijn er weer...de mailtjes uit Nigeria en de Ivoorkust.
Westerlingen hebben naar Afrikaanse begrippen veel centen, de kunst is die centen van eigenaar te doen veranderen op een gemakkelijke manier.
Sommigen zijn daar heel bedreven in. Zoals een televisieuitzending vorig jaar liet zien zijn er nog steeds een boel mensen, en niet alleen de dommeriken, die erin trappen. Onbegrijpelijk...

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