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Vlaams Belang can not be compared to any other right wing political party in Europe

By reading your (and other) articles, I was astonished to see so much ignorance and untrue stories.

First of all, the Walloons are not our enemies, and the few that would call us enemies, are rich French speaking residential inhabitants in the 19 Flemish municipals near Brussels with French language facilities. Which you won’t find the other way around. It’s a matter of fact that the only 600.000 real Walloons living in Belgium are as much a victim of French imperialism as we are. Maybe it would be best, if you studied our history before writing nonsense.

The Flemish were ruled by a variety of foreign occupants (Spanish, Austrian, French, Germans…), who all spoke a foreign language. To this day, language and politics are inextricably linked in Belgium.

So, the real Walloons are a group of people that came to this part of Europe during the occupation by the Romans. They didn’t speak French, but some kind of ‘a foul Latin’. They too are descendant of a Celtic tribe known as Volcae (Caesar called them the Tectosages). The language was a oïl-language, a Latin language but in no way similar to the French language. That came later with the French occupations...

The name ‘welsh’ and ‘Waals’ means ‘stranger’ and they are related to each other.

(Walloons, from a common Teut. word meaning “foreign,” cf. Ger. Welch, Du. waalsch, Eng. Welsh), a people akin to the French, but forming a separate branch of the Romance race, inhabiting the Belgian provinces of Hainaut, Namur, Liege, parts of Luxemburg and southern Brabant, parts of the French departments of Nord and Ardennes, and a few villages in the neighbourhood of Malmedy in Rhenish Prussia. The Walloons are descended from the ancient Gallic Belgi, with an a mixture of Roman elements.)

Ever since the union with Wales, Scotland and Ireland was established, England endeavored to abolish the administrative independence of these regions and to achieve linguistic assimilation. Religious matters were also part of this endeavor and only the Scottish Presbyterians maintained some independence.

Can you imagine how it would be in England, if the Welsh were making the rules and the rest of the British had to pay and had no right at all to invest in the country without the approval of the Welsh? Could you image, in your country, that the Indians would make the rules and had to give their consent in everything the country wants to do, from building bridges to going to war? I don’t think so…

You know that Flanders became poor because Belgium made the Flanders poor after the so called ‘independence’ in 1830 and the coming of a strange German as king, in which France and England played an important role. You probably know that Leopold I was family of the British Queen Victoria? Wouldn’t it be time to undo the harm they caused us?

Before that, Flanders was rich and flourishing.

(Already in the 13th century Bruges was an important international trading centre. Traders from all over the then known world came to the city to sell their products to each other and to buy Flemish cloth, an internationally acclaimed textile product, produced in different Flemish cities (e.g. Gent). In the early 14th century Bruges was the scene of political unrest. Because of this unrest the French king tried to annex the county of Flanders, but the population managed to kick out the French garrison on May the 18th 1302. Later on, the Flemish army beat the French army in the 'Battle of the Golden Spurs' on July the 11th in the Flemish city of Kortrijk.

In the 14th century Bruges turned into an international financial and trading centre. It became the warehouse of the North-European Hanza cities. Several countries had their own representation in Bruges: the Italians, the Germans, the Scottish, the Spanish made the city into a true European centre where different languages could be heard and where the most exotic products could be found.

In the middle of 1800 Bruges was the poorest city in Belgium.

After 1830, Flemish people had to work, fight and struggle to get what they have now. But even when they dropped dead on the fields from hunger and starvation, they paid their taxes. And they always paid more than the French part of the country, but got less back.

We intent to go further until we have our freedom again. An independent Flemish State and European member with 6 million people. We would not be the first in Europe as your Norwegian friend well knows. As you know, Norway separated from Sweden in 1905.

In Belgium, there's another story you probably don't know about. First - I want to tell you that Brussels IS already IN Flanders and furthermore Flanders is paying 30.000.000 million Euros DAILY to the French speaking community.

Yearly 11 Billion Euros.

Can you imagine how much money that is for a small community like Flanders? Do you know how hard we have to work for that kind of money and that we have to pay nearly half of our income on taxes? Do you know that the French speaking community have 49% officials, mostly installed by the PS (Socialists), and that another 25% won’t come out of bed before 10 o’clock in the morning? Are they grateful? Do they respect us? No, they are hateful and they despise us.

And by ‘they’, I mean their socialist and other left wing politicians. And of course, the French speaking imperialists in and around Brussels, that once was a Flemish village called Broekzele.

And even if I would love my neighbour, I don’t see why I have to support him financially for the rest of his life? Do you?

It is true that we pay year after year hundreds of millions to our French speaking neighbours, which they never did when the Flemish were ‘made’ poor after the ‘independence’.

Instead, many Flemish had to move to the French speaking side of the country, in order to provide food and shelter for their families. They had to work in the coalmines and steel industry, that's where the name 'sale Flamand' (Dirty Flemish) came from, but they still use the expression in Brussels.

These Flemish workers were assimilated in only one generation. And they , mostly living in the rich areas of Brussels, are our worst enemies now. But they are the enemies of the real Walloons too, even if many of them don’t realize it yet.

Most of the money is not to the benefit of the Walloons but to fill the bottomless pits of the Walloon government public enterprises. And as long as we keep paying, they will not try and make any initiatives to support themselves.

Development of Flanders, investing in infrastructure such as NMBS, social security, pensions justice and everything else that is not made federal is blocked by fanatic Walloon PS- ministers because every investment needs their approval.

But I assume this is far too complicated to explain.

You are also mixing up a few things. Germans are descendants from Germanic tribes.
Not the other way around.
In Flemish it's easier - we call Germans 'Duitsers' and Germanic means 'Germanen'. Maybe that's the difference between us and you seeing Nazi's all the time with their Celtic symbols.

This is a rather complicated story for a foreigner to understand. But I’ll try anyway.

(I’m half English, so I had to learn it too).

When the Germans attacked Belgium in 1914, Flemish young man went to fight on the front after they were called by the king Albert I.

Because of the French commands, many of them died. They didn’t understand their superiors. They were maltreated and they decided to write a letter to the king that ended with the words: “Here our blood, when our rights’. The king promised freedom, but didn’t keep his promises.

A general Drubbel did send Flemish soldiers to the most dangerous missions because ‘they could wash away the dishonor of being a Flemish peasant with their blood’. (They named a street after him).

Thousands of them died. It was a real genocide. Those who stayed alive refused to bury the dead as soldiers of the Belgian army. They chose the Celtic cross of Joe English. Those graves were smashed by ‘Belgians’ (they pissed on their graves) and since then all the Celtic symbols were doomed.

Of course it got worse since the Nazis (In fact called National Sozialisten – because Hitler was a leftist) misused these Celtic symbols. And that is what you do too.

We are indeed an anti-‘wild and reckless ’-immigration party and are opposed to the ‘Fast-Belgium –Law’, we want to stop illegal immigrants, false refugees and fortune asylum seekers, and we are against immigrants who commit crimes or don’t want to integrate. We oppose the islamisation of Europe. And if immigrants are not prepared to share their lot with ours, and try to thrust their culture upon us, or worse…are criminals.

Well, indeed, we would rather see them going back home, but we know that this is not realistic. However, we can demand that they learn our language, respect our culture, don’t get their partners from the country of which they originally came from (how else can we talk about a second or third generation?) and respect our law’s. Is this racism? No, it is not.

We make no difference in the equality of people, but in the equality of cultures. Or do you think it’s normal that some people, clearly send by fundamentalists, demanding the introduction of the Sharia and recruiting Arabic youngsters, in order to destabilize the Western establishment and make life difficult to our, and the Jewish community?

We welcome everybody who works and lives here and wants to integrate. We would never go as far as the former prime-minister of England in sending warships to intercept asylum seekers. We would never go as far as killing people in foreign countries…

We prefer that the West would no longer support the undemocratic regimes any longer, and help the people in their own countries. But even that is seen as a sort of racism.

Blair told BBC television two years ago that the Government had to reduce the number of people seeking asylum in Britain.

And he did… and so did France.

The Sangatte refugee camp near the Eurotunnel transport terminal in Calais accommodated more than 1,500 asylum seekers, most of them Afghans or Kurds. Most intended applying for a refugee status in the UK -- a country believed to grant this status more readily and offer better social benefits. The asylum seekers waited without residence permits in the Red Cross-run camp, looking for an opportunity to enter England illegally by train or in a lorry.

After closing down the camp, they came to Flanders.

And furthermore, the British Government produced a revised draft Code of Practice for the level of penalties, imposed if illegal immigrants are found on board of vehicles entering the UK.

But, we are tolerant! And yet you still are blaming us???

I will not write about the killing of the original inhabitants of the United States, but when I came to the US last year, I talked with a few people living in Miami complaining about the Spanish community. On the radio someone was talking about the 'taking over of the Spanish community' and 'that they should learn English if they wanted to live in the US. A Texan cowboy told me that he was allowed by the US government to shoot Mexican illegal’s trespassing the border. And… the US is an immigration country, ours is not.

In fact, the right wing party, Vlaams Belang never used violence and never will use it - except in self-defense.

You wonder where Vlaams Belang fits in on the Right-wing spectrum.

It doesn’t, because it’s unique in the world.

In no other country known in the world is a minority oppressing a majority. And if you think that Vlaams Belang has any relationship to fascists, you are wrong again.

Vlaams Belang voters are Nationalists. We sing our National hymn with our right hand on our heart, just like the Americans do.

And even now, when the Americans have not many friends left, we still like and support them.

The left wing however… They made pictures of your American Flag and your president and hanged them in places of ‘public convenience’ with the text ‘piss on me’. Our these your friends? Well then… who needs enemies …

The Walloon government keeps pointing a finger at the Flemish Nationalists in order to stay in power. In order to keep the socialists in government they deny nearly one million people the right to take part in government.

The left is supported by liberals, under the guidance of the freemasons, a grubby, mysterious sect,(many of our ministers are members) they demonize, insult, criminate the right wing or nearly 1 million people.

And those are the people you believe?

Why can the ‘left’ say anything they want, even if it’s cruel and detestable? Under the cover of a former social reputation they have the freedom to do so?

Why can’t the same freedom be granted to the right? Without punishing them with stigmatizations of being Nazi scum? Because everybody who is not left, is a Nazi… this has to stop! And that’s why I wrote this epistle.

And yes, I protest!!! Because it’s rather strange that left wing activists have some sort of aureole of being world improvers and a right wing organization is seen as fascist gathering, which has to be destroyed and be killed by the sword of the righteous, (or the self declared democrats).

I think you have a lot of reading to do, before you can play the role of a judge over de ‘right wing in Flanders’.

I believe you have some work to do in your own country before you begin with Europe:
Nazism: Made in the USA.


Even Marx wrote that the social contrast in Belgium was the worst in Europe. He came to Brussels in 1845. In 1847 he was arrested and expelled from Belgium.

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