Palin? Nee, toch liever niet.

Ik heb geen vertrouwen in mensen die niet van dieren houden.

Dear janice,

Thanks to the unprecedented support of more than 14,000 wildlife supporters, millions of voters in key swing states are learning more about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s values -- and her brutal record on aerial hunting of wolves and other wildlife.

Now, thanks to the phenomenal support of wildlife supporters like you, we’ll be able to extend our ad buy in Ohio and Florida, air it in Michigan -- and beyond.

Encourage your friends to watch the ad online and help us reach even more people with the awful truth about Governor Sarah Palin’s brutal record aerial wolf hunting.

With your help, we’re breaking this story wide open.

This hard-hitting TV ad has already been seen by nearly 300,000 people online. It’s been covered by many news outlets, including CNN, ABC, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, several Ohio newspapers and more. And thanks to the generous donations of people like you, millions of people in Ohio and Florida know the truth about Governor Palin’s brutal record.

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Leuk, Brigitte bardot is om dezelfde reden tegen Palin.

Grappig, Miet Smet, de kersverse bruid van Martens, sprak de naam 'Palin' niet op z'n Engels uit, het klonk eerder als 'pralin'.
Ik vraag mij af hoe ze 'spare ribs' uitspreekt...

Gepost door: Janice | 11-10-08

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